Monday, December 9, 2013

80's Bead Necklaces

I wasn't that cool in the 80's, I was a bit young, financially deprived and from a fashion neutral, non consuming family.  (No offence Mum, but it is true and not it's necessarily a bad thing but it may be the source of my current spending/consuming issues.)

As I am now an independent adult, I am free to indulge my 80's fashion needs.  I have chosen to start with fluro colours and geometric shapes, Miss S has been assisting me.
I ordered some really cool raw wooden beads from Etsy here . We Pinned a whole heap of inspiration pics from Pinterest,  got the old toxic nail polish collection out and opened some fresh Sculpty.  Away we went
There is just so much colour!
If you aren't getting something crocheted from us for
 Christmas, you will be getting a necklace or perhaps even both!
This is my favourite.
It was a great way to use up the old nail polish, I cant believe I nearly threw it all out a few weeks ago! Master B and Miss M also got in on the action and had lots of fun painting the beads.  Make sure you do it in a really well ventilated space, the kids enjoyed the activity very very much, a little too much in fact, they may have been high.