Thursday, June 27, 2013

Noro Camera Case

We keep our camera in a basket at the end of the breakfast bar.  We also keep a whole heap of other junk stuff in this basket.  Mr Daddy thinks the poor old camera deservers a bit more respect than this and at the very least least a case to prevent damage.  I like having the camera really close to all the action and not having to fiddle around getting it out of a big case just to take a snap.   Mr Daddy suggested that I might make a case, I politely suggested he might like to.

A few nights later there was an episode of Midsummer Murders on the TV, I had finished all my projects and I had one lone ball of Noro winking at me.  Perfect conditions for a bit of free style crochet case making.
There was enough wool left over to make an Ipod case as well.
Ipod case
Camera Cosy
No more key scratches now.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Trash Pack Cake

Master B had his 6th Birthday Party on the weekend, much fun and sugar was had.  Master B wanted a Trash Pack Cake.  The girls said lets have a look at Pinterest, I said NO I don't want the bar set that high!  So we compromised and drew our design then looked at Pinterest.  Whew there are some seriously professional cakes on there.  But for a back yard party I think ours was perfect.

The bin shape
His favourite colour at the moment is Red
so we are having a red bin.  I am not entirely
comfortable with that much food colouring...
Added mud and slime.
(Finger painted chocolate icing for dirt and grime)
Added lollies for the finishing touches.
 The kids loved it and they all knew it was a Trashie.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Noro Taiyo Cowl/Infinity Scarf

I keep meaning to post this little beauty.  Its a project that was going along brilliantly, then went horribly wrong, then recovered a little, went horribly wrong again and ended up perfect!  What a saga.  I really like project saves, the challenge is rewarding and its great not to waste materials or your efforts.

I really wanted to make this Shawlini pattern from Ravelry but my pattern dyslexia got the better of me.  I wasn't increasing correctly and my counting was way out so I added rows of treble to the sides and  a scallop boarder.  I also tried to undo the project early when I realised how off it was but the yarn kept splitting so I turned that bit into the flower.

Noro Taiyo yarn crochet with a size 5 hook.  1 x 100 gr or 200 mtr

The original pattern runs through the centre, the
added treble sides and scallop are my fix.. 

Flower fix for the mashes, frayed ends.
Finished - as an Infinity Scarf

As a Cowl

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blocking Crochet

Being relatively new to crochet I have only recently discovered "Blocking."    I made this awesome shawl for my sister and was pretty disappointed at how small it was, for $50 worth of wool.  It turns out I was missing the most important finishing step... Blocking.  Its fantastic and the missing link for creating the perfect project.  Here is a how to link.  I have crochet blocking all over the house now.
This is the shawl that almost doubled in size after blocking.
  The floor is perfect for large items.  
The ironing board is perfect for smaller items.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fabric Love

It's so hard not to buy new fabrics but I really am sticking to my Mantra of "Just Use it."  Too many times I have fallen into the trap of thinking a fabric is too special to use and then never use it at all.  Fashions change, new fabrics come along and so treasured pieces can make it to the "Whatever Pile."   I think as long as I am using it, I can keep buying more, I think that all sounds very responsible.

So this is the restraint I showed and what I came home with after popping out to get new cotton at Bayside Stich and Craft.  

Some more of that gorgeous Chevon
I used for Mrs W's bag but in the pink colour way.  Lovely grey Ric Rac
 at only $1 a metre, I had to get that.
How stunning are these!!!
Riley Blake -  Red Chevron Oil cloth and really cute ditsy girl fabrics.
They look really good together  but I think the girlie prints are too
 special to use for a linning.