Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I had been searching and searching for the perfect vintage botanical prints to put in the spare room.  I think because the images I had in my mind where so clear, they had become a bit mythical and I couldn't find anything that came even close.  Then I remembered Mr Daddy's childhood stamp collection!  With his permission I performed a raid and found exactly what I was looking for.

With the help of the always talented and reliable Mr Ikea (or Ms Ikea) two Riba frames were decorated with 1970 and 80's stamps.
This is Master B's favorite.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

In a Dark Dark Cupboard

Going about my day of Mummy jobs nothing gives me a nicer feeling than coming across an elaborate game that Miss M has set up somewhere special.  My children are very over toyed and have lots of play spaces to choose from but the favorites are always the illicit.   In a cupboard, a draw or a desk.  Any room is a good room to play even bathrooms containing only a toilet!  This is my latest find....

I approach this cupboard to put away some wool, I wonder why is this wool out?
Open the door and what do I find...
A little world of creatures happily going about their day.
Sunny day picnics on the village green, enjoying the sweet scents of fresh bloom from the flower stall.
What is not to love, I will find a new place to put my wool and let the game continue.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Big Old Crazy Quilt

I have finally finished my big crazy quilt.  This quilt started by accident many months ago when I started to sew together lots of scraps that were too small to do much else with.  The blocks grew and grew unsure of what to do with them I kept sewing.
A crazy block in progress.
After a few months I had a beautiful stretch of fabric but still didn't know what to do with it.  Some friends suggested a quilt but I thought they were mad, that would be way beyond my skill levels.  But the more I thought about it the better the idea became.  I got some pointers from my local quilters and brazenly thought "Yeah I can do that." So I did and I have to say I learnt A LOT!  It really isn't that easy to make a quilt and you can't cut corners - which is the way I like to sew.  Any proper sewer would be mortified to see my appalling sewing: lack of straight lines, no proper basting, my just make it up as you go approach and that thing called ironing.  My poor Nanna especially.  However I am proud of getting it finished and my Nanna would have been too.
The underside never to be seen.  Next time I will stretch and tape each layer to the floor to prevent this puckering.
We now have a new family game - Which is your favorite bit? and What was made out of /Who has something in this fabric?  I can't wait to do another now, it is addictive. 

Meet Katie

This is Miss M's Dolly - Katie.  I am amazed at how much this project held her attention I thought it would end up me doing most of the work but Miss M was by my side throughout, right through to this blog post!

We made a few design changes trialing a larger size head, different body shape and a new hair making technique (the hair isn't quite finished yet.) 

Miss M designed her own face and drew it on for me to sew over.

Katie and Rose Berry

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rose Berry

Miss S's dolly Rosie Berry
Another rainy day at our house and the children all at home sick...  I love slow days at home with no lunch boxes to be made and no where to have to dash off to.  The girls are starting to get interested in sewing and love home made the toys.  Miss S requested a doll, so a doll it is.  We attempted a rag doll a few years ago when my sewing skills where not what they are today.  The poor doll was so hideous that no one would play with it,  I think one of the girls may have even cried.
Looks a bit Godiva-ish at this stage.

I am not quite sure how to do hair so will have to You-Tube a tutorial before our next doll.

Miss S choose her fabrics and is so taken with her doll she hasn't put her down yet.  Miss S was very concerned that Rose Berry did not have any PJ's so we will make a nightie today.  But first we have to get cracking on a doll for Miss M!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

We also had a quick trip into my local and favorite store Thread and Ginger.  As their new stock is starting to arrive.  However I had two of my children with me and Miss M could not resist these little prints.

They are a bit too pastel for my liking but they are cute.   I can see why my girly 8yr old would love them.  We settled on some fat 1/8's and I think will make a new library bag for her.

Fabric+ Self Discipline

Like many, many people who enjoy "craft"and "making things"I have quite a natural tendency to Hoard.  At the beginning of the year a very good friend (thanks Susse) came and helped me to clean out my fabric stash.  I had fallen into the trap of buying things I really liked and then never using them.  Feeling it was too special and needed a really a worthy project, so it was just stored until it became outdated and passe.
I love clear storage boxes so what more could I want than fabric, in clear storage boxes.  My stash was categorized and consolidated into one tiny laundry cupboard.  I have been working very hard to use what I have for projects.   The clean up also included a  vow - not to buy any to buy any more fabrics until I finished some projects and made a significant dint in my stash.  Well that day has come and a quick whip into Spotlight was had.  Only 3 1/2 meters later this is what I bought:

Some pretty florals for undersides and linings.
My favorite from Spotty' own vintage range.
Love this as a little boy print.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Places

Now that the cooler weather is here I have been spending more time in the garden.  I can see these areas from within the house and I love to rest my eyes on them as I go about my day.

I love this crazy aloe in my Grandma's old jam making vat.  It flowered for the first time this year but was promptly made into garden soup by the children.

I have just planted up this bowl of mini succulents.  I have visions of the whole surface being covered with various textures and colours, fingers crossed.  

This is our pond on a plinth- to make it dog proof.   It is a beautiful little eco system with water cress herbs,  insect eating  carnivore plants and native fish all living happily together. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2 Squaws and a Brave

We love dressing up at our house and today it was Indians.  Beno fell in love with an Indian costume we saw out at the shops one day, so we came home and made our own version of it.
Little Brave and Giggle Squaw

Never to old for dressing up

We used our left over bits and pieces, quilt wading for stiffening, and velcro for easy access.  I am surprised at how well they have worked given how hard my guys are on them.

They look like little creatures running around the garden!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mr Daddy

 Daddy gets creative at times too...  He has been working on some portrait sketches for the hallway.  He wasn't happy with my pic so has just redone it.

 The hallway

It's Air brush me - I love it I wish I really did look like this!  I think he is very clever.

Man Bag

I made this lion stitchery ages ago and recently turned it into the feature on a little draw string bag.  The stitchery is a gorgeous design from the "All Creatures Great and Small" book by Natalie Bird.  I am a huge fan of her work and her shop Thread and Ginger.

I thought my boy would feel he was to grown up for it but he loves it.  It has become his "Man Bag" because he carries around Batman, Superman, Aqua-man and a host of other men in it.  How cute is that!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


 It is baby time in my circle of friends again so time to make more dollies.   These girls are waiting for their final dressings.

These dollies are all ready to be gifted, I just have to keep my girls from playing with them.

My First Post

This is my blog, looking pretty raw and unsophisticated but you have to start somewhere.  I am not a natural Techie so will have to learn as I go.   I am hoping this will be a great place to channel some of my creative energy as well as sharing some of the things I make.  I am inspired by many of the creative people out there in Blog Land, my local fabric shops, friends and my Nanna.

My Nanna was an amazing artist and I am really lucky to have many pieces that she made.  Including this amazing wall chart.   Every box is hand sewn with details about my brother sister and I.   It was started in 1976 and added to over the years.  I can't walk past it without noticing something different every time.