Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to grow a Pineapple!

Talk about a being patient.  Four years ago, actually nearly five years go, we planted the tops of two pineapples.  They were just normal pineapples from our local fruit shop, we cut the top spiky bit off and poked then in the ground.  Come back years later and Tah Dah, its pineapple time.
More spiky tops to be planted, some people let them grow roots first in a glass of water but I just put them straight in the ground.   Be sure to pick a planting real estate that you won't need to disturb for years.   They thrive on neglect and grow to about a metre in radius so be sure to place them away from thoroughfares, they are very prickly, eyes could be lost.
These are my de-fruited plants you can see the centre stars where the pineapples were.  They are not the prettiest of plants without their fruit.   I am a bit excited too because I think the plants might fruit again, see the sucker coming out from the side.  I have 4 to 5 years now to plan how to eat the next lot!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Instant Gratification Scarf in Noro

To be very honest, part of the reason why we went to Tasmania was so that we (I) could wear some of our yarn goodies in a proper cold climate.  We live in subtropical Bayside Brisbane so there are only a few days, in the depth of winter can you wear more than a decorative scarf, let alone a beanie.  So you can imagine my delight in having to wrap everyone up in all my handmade, love infused woolies.

As I was packing, I realised I only had cotton scarves for me, so I panicked, jumped on to Ravelry and found the easiest knitted scarf in the world to make.   It's called the Instant Gratification Scarf and uses a drop stitch.  Seriously the fastest, easiest thing I have knitted and I am a very beginner knitter.

Two balls of Noro Silk Garden in this baby.
Size six 6 needles
How fortunate I had two balls of Noro in my stash, 
see, again the importance of a well stocked stash.
Mr Daddy and I @ Cradle Mt.  I am so warm and snuggy here,
he has cold ears cause "he doesn't do knits"

Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Labels

I am a bit excited, I got new labels for my crafty things.  I had some from years ago when I first started making things that were a big out dated and daggy.   Back then I mainly made things for my children and my nieces and nephews so they said "Hand made by Aunty Becky."  Now that my giving circle is a bit wider and I even sell a few bits and bobs,  Aunty Becky isn't really what I am looking for.  So I got these babies from this awesome Etsy shop - Ananemon.

This label for my yarn creations.
This mixed pack of cuties for everything else. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Faux Terrariums by Miss M

We have made many terrariums over the years but we are not so good at looking after them and our climate isn't great for moss.  We found the perfect solution in whilst Tasmania, in a fantastic little shop called The Maker.   Out the front of the store there was a beautifully styled table, heaving with all sorts of desirable bits and pieces, including faux terrarium kits!

How conveniently perfect for us!
There was plenty of material in the kit to make a few Terrariums so that is what Miss M did...
This is the first one Miss M made.  After experimenting with the materials we had,
she found salt worked really well instead of dirt and was cleaner to work with.

She calls this one "Two Girls in a Park."

She then said hang on a tick I've got an idea, raced away and got a few bits then made this baby...
She completely blew me away with her snowscape, its just beautiful,
(I did suggest the fabric to cover the yucky pickle jar lid but the rest of the creation is hers.)

Miss S and Master B were wanting some of this action too, so with a few tiny bits of Faux moss left they all made one of these littlies.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon and they are really mesmerising when you walk past them.

A great way to reuse those tiny little bits of toy that I would otherwise vacuum up.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crochet Zauberball Dory Shawl

I am a bit between yarn projects at the moment, I have had this baby on the go for a few weeks now (which is not like me) and I'm just not sure if I like it or not.  I think I like zauberball knitted rather than crocheted, the colours look better with less space between the fibres.   I am using my favourite quick shawl maker The Dory Shawl it's just such an easy pattern and perfect for on holidays when you don't want a challenge, just an activity.  I don't know if I will put a edging on it or just leave it plain and let the colour do the work?

I think I like it a bit better after standing back a little, I might have been to hard on my project.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Trinkets from Tasmania

Now the exciting part... the Trinkets from our Tassie trip, or the sHouBenirs according to Master B.

A Terrarium kit from a gorgeous little shop called The Maker  in the equally gorgeous Salamanca Square.  The precinct reminds me of The Lanes in Brighton.
A tea cosy that I think is so cute and way beyond what I would ever be able to make.  From The Tasmanian Wool Centre - Heaven.
A nice collection of Amy Butler FQ's from a superb patchwork shop in Down Town Hobart.  I don't have anywhere near me that sells Amy, so it was nice to see some of the more recent fabrics in the flesh rather than on the internet.  
The softest ball of wool I have ever had the pleasure of squeezing.  Its Ethical Merino, the farmer keeps the sheep together in family groups and Mummy sheep teach their lambs how to forage for the tastiest grass.  I love that idea. 
Tasmanian timber beads, they feel so nice and smell amazing.
Vintage West German ceramic swan, for my white china collection.  This was from a fantastic collectables/junk/antique shop in the Historic town of Ross.   Miss M found this and was so excited that it was only $2 and that I could add it to my swan collection.  I don't really have a swan collection but I had a shelf with some white jugs on it and Miss M has been adding to it with bits and pieces she finds (the little animals she bought at a jumble sale in England for me/us.)  She has my collectors gene.
Here it is, in it's new home, can you see it?
Vintage keys from the junk/treasure shop.  These will be for Mr Daddy's B'day.  He has this thing where he won't buy anything but then will go on and on for months (sometimes years) about the thing he should have got.  So I snuck back and got them for him.
We were limited by how much we could fit into our camper van, otherwise it would have been a shopping frenzy.  We did manage to bring these treasures back too...

A huge cider vat that was filled with the tastiest cider and a sheep or maybe a goat skull that Master B found.  (He found the skull not the cider.)   We packed the cider bottle into Miss M's carry on bag and I had the skull on my lap with the kids drawing things.  I'm not sure what the air port x-ray people thought!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Camper-Vanning in Tasmania

Long time, no post!!!  We have been away, hurtling around Tasmania in a Campervan.  Best family holiday ever!  We hired Campervan and had two weeks to tour the country side.  It really was fantastic and I feel like we just had a tiny taste of all that is there.

Big 6 berth Van for us, little 2 berth for G & P 
It was also brilliant family time, Grandma and Poppy joined us in their little van and we toured together.  Mr Daddy coped very well with the semi camping and was brilliant at driving his new love, the 4.6 tonne campervan.  Many adventures were had and memories made.  Like these...

Did you know that cows love bread and have tongues like elephant trunks.
Farm Stay in Huonville
Beautiful creeks to play in,
 on the one freakishly hot day Tasmania had all year.
Huon Valley

Enormous Bumble Bees
Inside the Van 
Places to peak into.
Cradle Mountain
Great photo opportunities Mr Daddy just couldn't pass up...
MONA - The Museum of Old and New Art - Awesome
Wombats to watch - Cradle Mountain
Miles of sand dunes for a Tobogganers heaven.

Lots of lovely hand made things to buy too, but thats for another post!