Friday, February 14, 2014

Instant Gratification Scarf in Noro

To be very honest, part of the reason why we went to Tasmania was so that we (I) could wear some of our yarn goodies in a proper cold climate.  We live in subtropical Bayside Brisbane so there are only a few days, in the depth of winter can you wear more than a decorative scarf, let alone a beanie.  So you can imagine my delight in having to wrap everyone up in all my handmade, love infused woolies.

As I was packing, I realised I only had cotton scarves for me, so I panicked, jumped on to Ravelry and found the easiest knitted scarf in the world to make.   It's called the Instant Gratification Scarf and uses a drop stitch.  Seriously the fastest, easiest thing I have knitted and I am a very beginner knitter.

Two balls of Noro Silk Garden in this baby.
Size six 6 needles
How fortunate I had two balls of Noro in my stash, 
see, again the importance of a well stocked stash.
Mr Daddy and I @ Cradle Mt.  I am so warm and snuggy here,
he has cold ears cause "he doesn't do knits"


  1. Gorgeous scarf. Don't you just love instant projects!! Yes Tassie, is great for modelling all our gorgeous knitted goodies.....I just wish that sometimes we had a few more warmer days to model our Summer wardrobe!!

  2. I love this scarf - the colours are beautiful also!