Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nautical Tote

Mr Daddy and I are having a childless trip to Sydney this weekend, needless to say I am very excited.   I thought I might need a new shopping tote for all the wonderful things I am going to find.  Thinking about the Harbor, Bondi and Ferry Trips I was feeling nautical and remembered I had some awesomely brilliant fabric left over from last years  Flowerpress Brooch Swap.   I also had a spare brooch left over to dress the bag with - perfect!

A side 

B Side

Inside -
(not the most interesting contrast just all I had had was heavy weight.)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crochet Ikea Stool Cover

After a very long blog Hiatus I have finally got some pics together and am ready to post again...

Our world has ground to a bit of a halt as Miss S's epilepsy had got out of control again.  We seem to be making progress at the moment so fingers crossed we continue and will find our normal again.  The only good side to some more time in hospital is that I have got some high level crochet done!

I made sure I always had my cotton and hooks in my bag and found it a wonderful thing to be fiddling with at times of stress and during all those long waits.  (I am sure some ambos found me very odd hooking away in the back of an ambulance during a long hospital transfer but so much nicer to focus on your hook than on reality don't you think?)

Anyway this is what I made.

Then I found these awesome new stools in Ikea for only $6.99

 I threaded hat elastic between the last white and red circle and fitted it over the stool just like a shower cap.

Ta daa, such a nice way to put all that time to use.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So Many Things to Make

I am so excited, this morning I got an email to tell me my parcel had been delivered, what the???  I went to the front door and sure enough there it was, but what was it?  It was the Sew Tessuti fabrics I had ordered.  My first ever big piece of Liberty Tana Lawn and a couple of meters of Stretch Cotton. all beautifully wrapped up in a vogue pattern paper, tied with a bow and complete with a hand written postcard wishing me much sewing joy!!!  How good is that, what a way to start a stay at home day.
7.48am I ripped into it so quickly there was no time
for photos showing how gorgeous it all really was. 
9.15am washed and on the line and nearly dry. 

10.20 am Washed, dried and ironed ready to be cut and sewn.
I am planning to make a red pair of these.
 I was seduced into this pattern by the words, beginner, simple and slim.