Saturday, March 24, 2012

Purple-ie Purple-ness

Goodness gracious how talented are you girls look what Catherine over at The Sewing Attic made....

What a divine bundle of purpleness, how gorgeous is this cushion, how cute is the bird and how handy is the pouch?  What a generous Swapper.   For more info on any of Catherine's goodies you can check out her blog.
Ms Corporate S is the proud recipient of this purple apron and is so inspired by Purple Day she has made purple cup cakes for her office morning tea this Monday - wish I worked in that office!

Thanks ladies I think you are amazing.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Purple Craftiness

Thank-you so much to everyone making purple things for swapping... look at some of these purple goodies flying around the postal system this week  -

Crochet apple cover by Susan  

Purple pussy cat pin cushion - By Clarice

Card and note pad - By Angelique

Purple apron for making purple cup cakes - by Fiona
Crochet purple doily - by Naomi 
Purple Fruit Tree illustration - By Liby 
Applique baby singlet - By Anna
 What a wonderful treat to find a little parcel at your door with one of these treasures.  I wish it was all coming to me! It is all so good and you are all so talented a huge Well Done!!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

More Purple Things in the Making

Next Monday is Purple Day so we are still making lots of purple things.  I have bits of purple ribbon and fabric all over the house.  Purple has never been a colour I have been particularly drawn too (other than when I was 5 and it was teamed with pink,) but I am finding myself drawn to purple now every where I go.  Perhaps I have retrained my brain?

I am having lots of fun with these birds but can't decide to put eye on or not?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Purple Bunny Sleeping Bag

I have been making some little purple toys for upcoming Purple day March the 26th.  This little bunny in her sleeping bag is based on a Tilda bear template for the bunny (I added long bunny ears instead of the round bear ears in the pattern.)  For the Sleeping bag, I used the Flossy Teacakes Three Bears sleeping bag pattern.  Together they are really quick and easy to make and are great for using up scraps.

 To see what other people have been making pop over to Our Creative Spaces....

Monday, March 12, 2012

Racks of Ribbons

Mr Grandad made my sister-n-law and I ribbon racks, we are in heaven.  The hard part is deciding how to stack your ribbons, do you go by colour or by ribbon type?  I have gone by colour but I believe Emy is going by ribbon type.   Either way it is heaps of fun to play with your ribbon collection.  Thanks Grandad.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crochet Pots

Pots of Purple... now as I have previously disclaimed I am not a crocheter, but when I saw these amazing little crochet pots via Molly Makes Magazine I just had to make my own.  I was so hooked on my hooking, I had my Nanna bag of wool and hook where ever I went.  Luckily the children are a too young to be too embarrassed by me crocheting in their classrooms during reading groups.   

As you can see I winged the pattern quite a bit and doused them in spray starch to help keep the shape.  Starch is my new best friend.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lots of Lollies

Why is it that in my job I get piles of dishes, washing and mess to clean up and Mr Daddy gets piles of lollies, can you tell I am feeling a tad envious of his job.  Check out the piles of treats that greeted delegates at his last conference.  

When he returned home he made a conference inspired breakfast for the kiddies. (I don't know what happened to all the lollies as I can't imagine he- "the Lollie Police" let them eat any.) 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Purple Inspiration

It is time for Purple craft, to raise awareness about Epilepsy.    Not sure what to make, got crafters block, looking for a spark?  How clever and gorgeous are these hand made purple things.

How clever is this coffee accessory, perfect for one who has it all.

Spiders delight pin cushion, I think you could 
formulate psychological testing based on where people
 choose to poke their pins, what a masterpiece.
By Shelly at Spincushions
Pom Poms, always a favorite, use them as a brooch,
 hair decoration or as party decorations.
By Blue Ridge Mercantile 
Cute as two buttons, what a clever idea.
By Rachel at R.A.D. Expressions
Purple Gift Cards - not sure I could give them away, 
would look perfect in a frame.
By Sarah at Brushwork Designs (Paper with personality.)