Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to grow a Pineapple!

Talk about a being patient.  Four years ago, actually nearly five years go, we planted the tops of two pineapples.  They were just normal pineapples from our local fruit shop, we cut the top spiky bit off and poked then in the ground.  Come back years later and Tah Dah, its pineapple time.
More spiky tops to be planted, some people let them grow roots first in a glass of water but I just put them straight in the ground.   Be sure to pick a planting real estate that you won't need to disturb for years.   They thrive on neglect and grow to about a metre in radius so be sure to place them away from thoroughfares, they are very prickly, eyes could be lost.
These are my de-fruited plants you can see the centre stars where the pineapples were.  They are not the prettiest of plants without their fruit.   I am a bit excited too because I think the plants might fruit again, see the sucker coming out from the side.  I have 4 to 5 years now to plan how to eat the next lot!