Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crochet Pots

Pots of Purple... now as I have previously disclaimed I am not a crocheter, but when I saw these amazing little crochet pots via Molly Makes Magazine I just had to make my own.  I was so hooked on my hooking, I had my Nanna bag of wool and hook where ever I went.  Luckily the children are a too young to be too embarrassed by me crocheting in their classrooms during reading groups.   

As you can see I winged the pattern quite a bit and doused them in spray starch to help keep the shape.  Starch is my new best friend.


  1. What a great looking set! Love the colours!

  2. These are great, very funky. Good on you pickin up the hook and getting stuck in, Im still a little wary when it comes to crochet - seems so hard!