Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Labels

I am a bit excited, I got new labels for my crafty things.  I had some from years ago when I first started making things that were a big out dated and daggy.   Back then I mainly made things for my children and my nieces and nephews so they said "Hand made by Aunty Becky."  Now that my giving circle is a bit wider and I even sell a few bits and bobs,  Aunty Becky isn't really what I am looking for.  So I got these babies from this awesome Etsy shop - Ananemon.

This label for my yarn creations.
This mixed pack of cuties for everything else. 


  1. How delightful are these labels! They will provide the finishing, professional touch to your lovely creations! I might just have to check out this awesome Etsy shop!!

  2. They're wonderful. I've been meaning to get something like this made up too... I really must one day.