Monday, January 6, 2014

Camper-Vanning in Tasmania

Long time, no post!!!  We have been away, hurtling around Tasmania in a Campervan.  Best family holiday ever!  We hired Campervan and had two weeks to tour the country side.  It really was fantastic and I feel like we just had a tiny taste of all that is there.

Big 6 berth Van for us, little 2 berth for G & P 
It was also brilliant family time, Grandma and Poppy joined us in their little van and we toured together.  Mr Daddy coped very well with the semi camping and was brilliant at driving his new love, the 4.6 tonne campervan.  Many adventures were had and memories made.  Like these...

Did you know that cows love bread and have tongues like elephant trunks.
Farm Stay in Huonville
Beautiful creeks to play in,
 on the one freakishly hot day Tasmania had all year.
Huon Valley

Enormous Bumble Bees
Inside the Van 
Places to peak into.
Cradle Mountain
Great photo opportunities Mr Daddy just couldn't pass up...
MONA - The Museum of Old and New Art - Awesome
Wombats to watch - Cradle Mountain
Miles of sand dunes for a Tobogganers heaven.

Lots of lovely hand made things to buy too, but thats for another post!


  1. Lovely photos! I can't wait to see where else you explored in my beautiful state! How fantastic having Granny and Pop come along also, hopefully this means you and Mr Daddy got a chance at an outing alone? How creepy is that room pictures in MONA? "Beeep beeeep beeep".


    1. Fantastic holiday in a fantastic place. MONA was just world class, quite a few freaky things thats for sure, how about the digestive system room. I love the rusty chapel. Funeral anyone!

  2. So you were in my neck of the woods. Tassie really is a li'l gem with so many gorgeous places to discover! Looks as if you had a wonderful holiday to remember!! Campervanning really is a fun way to discover Tassie!! Love your photos!!

    1. Definitely an awesome place. Maybe we need to start a Crafty Mummy Bloggers convention so I can come down every year!