Monday, January 13, 2014

Trinkets from Tasmania

Now the exciting part... the Trinkets from our Tassie trip, or the sHouBenirs according to Master B.

A Terrarium kit from a gorgeous little shop called The Maker  in the equally gorgeous Salamanca Square.  The precinct reminds me of The Lanes in Brighton.
A tea cosy that I think is so cute and way beyond what I would ever be able to make.  From The Tasmanian Wool Centre - Heaven.
A nice collection of Amy Butler FQ's from a superb patchwork shop in Down Town Hobart.  I don't have anywhere near me that sells Amy, so it was nice to see some of the more recent fabrics in the flesh rather than on the internet.  
The softest ball of wool I have ever had the pleasure of squeezing.  Its Ethical Merino, the farmer keeps the sheep together in family groups and Mummy sheep teach their lambs how to forage for the tastiest grass.  I love that idea. 
Tasmanian timber beads, they feel so nice and smell amazing.
Vintage West German ceramic swan, for my white china collection.  This was from a fantastic collectables/junk/antique shop in the Historic town of Ross.   Miss M found this and was so excited that it was only $2 and that I could add it to my swan collection.  I don't really have a swan collection but I had a shelf with some white jugs on it and Miss M has been adding to it with bits and pieces she finds (the little animals she bought at a jumble sale in England for me/us.)  She has my collectors gene.
Here it is, in it's new home, can you see it?
Vintage keys from the junk/treasure shop.  These will be for Mr Daddy's B'day.  He has this thing where he won't buy anything but then will go on and on for months (sometimes years) about the thing he should have got.  So I snuck back and got them for him.
We were limited by how much we could fit into our camper van, otherwise it would have been a shopping frenzy.  We did manage to bring these treasures back too...

A huge cider vat that was filled with the tastiest cider and a sheep or maybe a goat skull that Master B found.  (He found the skull not the cider.)   We packed the cider bottle into Miss M's carry on bag and I had the skull on my lap with the kids drawing things.  I'm not sure what the air port x-ray people thought!


  1. Great haul there - especially loving that tea cosy. How much work has gone into that?!?!

  2. My, what wonderful acquisitions you discovered!! 'Tis the best fun fossicking for treasures whilst holidaying!!