Monday, January 20, 2014

Faux Terrariums by Miss M

We have made many terrariums over the years but we are not so good at looking after them and our climate isn't great for moss.  We found the perfect solution in whilst Tasmania, in a fantastic little shop called The Maker.   Out the front of the store there was a beautifully styled table, heaving with all sorts of desirable bits and pieces, including faux terrarium kits!

How conveniently perfect for us!
There was plenty of material in the kit to make a few Terrariums so that is what Miss M did...
This is the first one Miss M made.  After experimenting with the materials we had,
she found salt worked really well instead of dirt and was cleaner to work with.

She calls this one "Two Girls in a Park."

She then said hang on a tick I've got an idea, raced away and got a few bits then made this baby...
She completely blew me away with her snowscape, its just beautiful,
(I did suggest the fabric to cover the yucky pickle jar lid but the rest of the creation is hers.)

Miss S and Master B were wanting some of this action too, so with a few tiny bits of Faux moss left they all made one of these littlies.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon and they are really mesmerising when you walk past them.

A great way to reuse those tiny little bits of toy that I would otherwise vacuum up.


  1. I so want to do this! The real ones are great, but the fake ones are way cuter! And easy to look after hehe

    1. I think they are cuter too and a bit of exterior dusting every few months, is my kind of maintenance :)

  2. Happy new year! Your travels look fun, as do your terrariums. This might be how I entertain four girls today…x

  3. Happy New Year to you too, I hope those four girls were good for you today x