Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rose Berry

Miss S's dolly Rosie Berry
Another rainy day at our house and the children all at home sick...  I love slow days at home with no lunch boxes to be made and no where to have to dash off to.  The girls are starting to get interested in sewing and love home made the toys.  Miss S requested a doll, so a doll it is.  We attempted a rag doll a few years ago when my sewing skills where not what they are today.  The poor doll was so hideous that no one would play with it,  I think one of the girls may have even cried.
Looks a bit Godiva-ish at this stage.

I am not quite sure how to do hair so will have to You-Tube a tutorial before our next doll.

Miss S choose her fabrics and is so taken with her doll she hasn't put her down yet.  Miss S was very concerned that Rose Berry did not have any PJ's so we will make a nightie today.  But first we have to get cracking on a doll for Miss M!

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