Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fabric+ Self Discipline

Like many, many people who enjoy "craft"and "making things"I have quite a natural tendency to Hoard.  At the beginning of the year a very good friend (thanks Susse) came and helped me to clean out my fabric stash.  I had fallen into the trap of buying things I really liked and then never using them.  Feeling it was too special and needed a really a worthy project, so it was just stored until it became outdated and passe.
I love clear storage boxes so what more could I want than fabric, in clear storage boxes.  My stash was categorized and consolidated into one tiny laundry cupboard.  I have been working very hard to use what I have for projects.   The clean up also included a  vow - not to buy any to buy any more fabrics until I finished some projects and made a significant dint in my stash.  Well that day has come and a quick whip into Spotlight was had.  Only 3 1/2 meters later this is what I bought:

Some pretty florals for undersides and linings.
My favorite from Spotty' own vintage range.
Love this as a little boy print.

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