Thursday, June 27, 2013

Noro Camera Case

We keep our camera in a basket at the end of the breakfast bar.  We also keep a whole heap of other junk stuff in this basket.  Mr Daddy thinks the poor old camera deservers a bit more respect than this and at the very least least a case to prevent damage.  I like having the camera really close to all the action and not having to fiddle around getting it out of a big case just to take a snap.   Mr Daddy suggested that I might make a case, I politely suggested he might like to.

A few nights later there was an episode of Midsummer Murders on the TV, I had finished all my projects and I had one lone ball of Noro winking at me.  Perfect conditions for a bit of free style crochet case making.
There was enough wool left over to make an Ipod case as well.
Ipod case
Camera Cosy
No more key scratches now.

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