Monday, July 1, 2013

My Sewing Place

Oh for a dedicated studio/craft/sewing place.   For a few years now I have been trying to come up with ways to create a studio space somewhere in the house for me.   We do heaps of crafty things in our house and have lots of tools and materials.  As you know bringing everything out and packing up again because you need to eat dinner on the table is NOT practical.  I started off with my machines in the laundry, which was fine when the children were young but we quickly out grew that space.  Mr Daddy agreed to consider and extension to the house that could be a rumpus/studio room but it just seemed excessive.

The Laundry Work Space - It was tricky to
 keep the washing from taking over.

And it was pretty small.

He then agreed that as he parked his car on the drive way half the time or was away, we could have his cars half of the garage.  This worked well for quite some time but everything just got so dirty and I had to constantly battle to stop it from becoming a dumping ground.  Now all along I have been saying that I should just have the downstairs study and Mr Daddy can use the desk in our guest (Grandma's) room. Wouldn't that be reasonable!  But Mr Daddy hasn't been ready for that (in his defence he did have a few good reasons why he needed the down stairs room too.)

Our garage space, I loved this space in summer with the door up,
watching as the kids played.  However its freezing in the winter,
 badly lit at night, has a spider problem and was often full of bikes and junk.

Could this be the perfect space???  Its right next to the kitchen,
well lit, warm in winter cool in summer, clean and insect free. 
Anyway long story short, we have decided to trial sharing the study, novel hey?

I have lost no time in moving all my stuff in
to this nice clean spider free space.
Its a hard space to photograph but so far so it is working really well.
Plus its just so important to have all your lovely things out.


  1. I can so relate to this. I hope the new arrangement works out well. Maybe you can gradually edge him out? T x

  2. Yip you totally needed your own workspace in a designated area and I'm glad you've come to a compromise with Mr Daddy. Looks like you have a great collection of supplies too. Love to come and play at your place :-)