Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Crochet Hat in Araucania Patagonia

While recently visiting my friend, Ms S, she suggested we nip down to her local yarn shop.   What a great idea, so we left the Daddies with the kids and dashed off as fast as we could.  The yarn shop was very quaint, with an interesting mix of things.  Some acrylic things that have possibly been there for  many years mixed with skeins of  brand new, cutting edge organic fibre combos.  I found this fantastic cotton skien - called  Patagonia by Araucania. It is hand dyed in Chile and comes with a detailed four page tag attached.  Telling stories of fair trade, ethnic origins and artisans, I just loved the colours and texture.   

I had visions of making winter hat for myself but ran out of yarn so Miss S scored it.  It was really quick and easy, all done in single crochet,  just keep going around in a spiral Amagarchi style.  Plus a couple of crochet flowers because Miss S and I love embellishment.

Perfect fit
It also matched the purple snood/cowl I knitted for her.
Its one of my first forays into knitting!
I don't know if you can get a feel for it from these photos but here in
Brisbane its a bit too hot to wear all of this during the day.  Miss S is
actually wearing her fur vest, snood and beanie over a sun dress and bare feet.
Bless her.

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