Thursday, July 18, 2013

Never Trust Quiet Children

I had one of those lovely hours the other day...  a bliss full of hour of piece and quiet.  No noise from the children, no disturbances,  no being asked to adjudicate spats.  So I spent some quality time crocheting with my feet up.  

In the distance back ground I could hear the joyful sounds of children engaged in creative play, happily enjoying each other company. I was doing Mummy air punches.  I should have known better.

This is why they were so happy, they had got into my Yarn Stash!  A wool wonderland had been created for the La La Loopsie dolls.  I guess it could have been worse, at least they hadn't unraveled or cut anything and I still got an hour of crochet time in.


  1. Oh what fun, give them their own basket of yarn, fill it with little crochet medallions and squares to thread - you can tell I had boys not girls, I missed out on all that fun lol.

  2. Would you believe they have their own yarn basket! Maybe they are discerning enough to tell their basket has the cheap-o yarns and they prefer my high end stuff??? LOL