Monday, July 22, 2013

Nanna Knit Re-style

Twenty years ago when I was doing my "Grand Tour" based in the UK, my Nanna made me this stunning cardigan.   I lived in London and Nanna lived down near Brighton, so on weekends I would go down and get some Nanna love.  We would go day tripping with my Aunt, to all sorts of lovely places.  One day trip we went to a wool store, Nanna said to choose a pattern and wool colours and that she would make it for my birthday - fantastic!

   I love this pattern, the colours, the texture.. I absolutely love this cardigan.  Nanna's skill and talent blows me away every time I see it, but I have never really worn it.   It has always been an unflattering fit and never been comfortable.  This is not my Nanas doing, I remember her saying at the time it wasn't really the right shape but as I wasn't available at the time for fittings she just followed the pattern.

Never the less I have always loved it, I have taken it all around the world with me, moved it from house to house and would never part with it.  I would however love to wear it!  So I decided to reshape it but I was so worried that I would ruin it, would it be sacrilegious to cut it?  After much deliberation I decided Nanna would be much happier if I was actually wearing it than just appreciating it in my draw. 

The Arms are slightly too short and shaped like Bat Wings.
The length is too long for a cardigan & too short for a jacket.
The neckline in very high and it looks dreadful buttoned up. 
What were we thinking with those buttons!!!
The stitch work is amazing, my Nanna was so talented.  
I gave it a good Soak treatment.
 Then as soon as it was dry pinned it to shape, cut out
the excess knit and re-sewed the seems.  
I removed the buttons completely, took in the arms and reshaped
the neckline into more of a V.
The neck still isn't perfect but with a scarf you can't tell.
 The length doesn't seem to matter now.
I delighted with the outcome and so relieved I didn't wreck the whole thing!
I love it now and I wear it all the time.

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  1. Oh it looks fabulous!! Very well done!
    I would've been way too scared ha ha!