Thursday, July 11, 2013

Interpretive Fruit

You've heard of interpretive dance, well this is our interpretive fruit.   Imagine the fruit, feel the fruit, be the fruit!

Master B's Prep class have a shop corner this term and all the children were asked to bring things in for the shop, but no real food.  Master B really wanted to take some fruit, we don't have any fake fruit so he suggested we could make some.  We had one of those afternoons where the schedule goes out the window and we just make stuff.   Some kind of dinner is thrown together at 7pm and I am not sure if the children had a bath - very fun.

Miss S and Master B decided what fruit they wanted, drew some pictures and then picked the fabrics, I did the sewing.  We tried to use different textures which worked out well as these were pretty much the most suitable fabrics anyway.  They are very rustic and I hope they don't freak out any fruitaphobic children.

Corduroy Apples (Do you remember this fabric Mum and siblings?
Its from the mega roll Mum had when we were kids.
 We had a whole house worth of soft furnishings made from this.  We had curtains, couch covers, mattress protectors, camping equipment and even a surf board cover...)

Felt Pineapple

Tea Towel and Felt Grapes

I forgot to photograph the Bananas, they are Flannelette
left over from Miss S's Jane Austin dress.

Felt and Ric Rac Cherries
( I was getting really sick of sewing by now, so very sloppy stitch work, sorry.) 
Lyrca Knit Pears,  these are my favourite.

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  1. I, for one, think that your fruit is fantastic. It looks very well thought out! And half the fun is in getting to be creative in making them, n'es pas?