Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Crochet Shrug Finished

I have been meaning to put up the pics of my finished Shrug!  I finished it about a month ago and have worn it quite a bit.  It is the Granny Square Shrug from the Crochet Modern Vintage  by Panda.  It was an easy pattern and came with the crochet diagram as well as the written pattern.   I thought the hard part was choosing the colours but for me the hard part was the monotony of all that plain black granny crochet between the granny squares.
Back (gawd that looks like 80's hair) 
This shot looks a bit busty, apologies, but its meant to show the side view 
This is me trying to look all interesting and alluring like the model in the pattern.
I am pretty tall/big person so always need to adjust patterns for length and this was no different.  Instead of having 8 squares on each side I have 10.  This is an easy change to make and I guess you could make it smaller the same way too.

This super easy pattern is more or less a rectangular lap blanket
joined together at two ends to make enormous arm holes.

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