Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Ghastlie Quilt

Two years ago now, I got this fantastic fabric "The Ghastlie's" by Alexander Henry.  I thought it was so special, so precious and inspirational....  so I stashed it away in my good fabric pile, never to be touched or used!  How crazy is that.  Anyway I have been conquering that stashing instinct and thought blow it I will make a quilt and use it all up in one go!  Reckless I know.

It's Miss M's birthday and she loves all that goth/scifi/victoriana styling, so a Ghastlie quilt for her it is.  See lucky I held on to the fabric for a few years so she could grow into it.
A Side 
For the B side I thought I'd go a bit more pretty and versatile.  Plus I used some gorgeous stashed Liberty floral that wasn't quite enough to make a dress with.   I know its not really what some people would call a quilt, its a bit of a cheats quilts, really big pieces sewn together, more of a throw really.  I learnt alot from making Miss S's quilts and got some good tips in a comment from Debra.  Thanks Debra I tried it your technique and it worked really well.
B side

P.S. A few people have told me it was very tricky to leave a comment on my posts.  I have had a play with the settings so it should be much easier now.  Please feel free to leave a comment, I love comments. 


  1. Fun quilt! I love that fabric, I've had my eye on it to buy, to make a knitting bag (another). I was thinking of getting the green, but looking at your quilt, I do love the black/white, your dd must love it :-).

    1. Ooooh I haven't seen the green version. Keep me posted if you make something with it ;)