Monday, August 5, 2013

Augusta Shawl - Love

I am a tad excited, I think this is my favourite thing I have made so far!!!  It is the fantastic Augusta Shawl by Andrea Mules   and the pattern is available for free via Ravelry, just click on the link.  Its really easy to make and great for a beginner.  I used my favourite Cascade Ultra Pima fine with a 3.5 hook.  I actually started off thinking I would just use the white grey and purple but I kept wanting it bigger and bigger,  I got greedy.    The colour scheme also evolved as I went along, I don't usually wear these colours but I love them together.   All up it used a total of 7 skiens which although a bit extravagant is well worth it to me.

I don't wear it like this but it shows how big it is.
Its a lovely pattern, each colour band is one skien.
The bands get thinner as the arrow point widens. 

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