Friday, August 16, 2013

Crafters Block

I've been pretty luck so far (touch wood) this winter, I haven't caught any really bad colds or flu's. However I have a niggling case of Crafters Block that just wont go away.   I am between projects, I have lots to start, I have everything I need but I just cant get excited enough to actually get started, why does that happen???

30 Little bags to sew up as part of a project for Brownies.
Heaps of yarn and hooks but I cant decide what to make,
 I have too many options.
Fabric for Miss S's Alice in Wonderland Book Week costume.
Gorgeous Chambray for a skirt with Liberty Hello Kitty fabric pockets (also for Miss S)


  1. Good luck ! Lucky it is only a craft block and you still have your kitchen and garden, and children, and dog, and school and Granma to be busy with!.

  2. I get that, and sometimes it's even stressful not being able to decide. Love the Hello Kitty fabric :-).