Monday, June 17, 2013

Trash Pack Cake

Master B had his 6th Birthday Party on the weekend, much fun and sugar was had.  Master B wanted a Trash Pack Cake.  The girls said lets have a look at Pinterest, I said NO I don't want the bar set that high!  So we compromised and drew our design then looked at Pinterest.  Whew there are some seriously professional cakes on there.  But for a back yard party I think ours was perfect.

The bin shape
His favourite colour at the moment is Red
so we are having a red bin.  I am not entirely
comfortable with that much food colouring...
Added mud and slime.
(Finger painted chocolate icing for dirt and grime)
Added lollies for the finishing touches.
 The kids loved it and they all knew it was a Trashie.


  1. I love your trash pack cake. Brilliant. My Mr.6 is obsessed with trash packs too... why??? At 38yrs I'm not really "getting" the attraction.

  2. I know, it's so weird, and felt really odd to make a cake look rotten and revolting.

  3. Love it! Had no idea garbage bins were a "thing" though, lol.

  4. Thanks so much for this idea! I have been looking and looking for a cake that was doable for our back yard party. My son in turning 4 and loves trashies!!