Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fabric Love

It's so hard not to buy new fabrics but I really am sticking to my Mantra of "Just Use it."  Too many times I have fallen into the trap of thinking a fabric is too special to use and then never use it at all.  Fashions change, new fabrics come along and so treasured pieces can make it to the "Whatever Pile."   I think as long as I am using it, I can keep buying more, I think that all sounds very responsible.

So this is the restraint I showed and what I came home with after popping out to get new cotton at Bayside Stich and Craft.  

Some more of that gorgeous Chevon
I used for Mrs W's bag but in the pink colour way.  Lovely grey Ric Rac
 at only $1 a metre, I had to get that.
How stunning are these!!!
Riley Blake -  Red Chevron Oil cloth and really cute ditsy girl fabrics.
They look really good together  but I think the girlie prints are too
 special to use for a linning.


  1. You are going to have fun with all of those. T x

  2. I think you are right..they are too pretty to use for a lining. I absolutely love the chevron in those muted colours. I have plenty of fabric at the moment though and am trying to use those before I buy any more.

  3. Love the mantra - "just use it". It too get all weird about fabric being too good to use ... and then it just doesn't get used at all. Totally ridiculous.