Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dolly Quilts and Ding Bats

Holiday activities... I am trying to involve the children in my new sewing machine.  My theory is that if I make things with/for the children they won't dob on me when Daddy gets home and say "Mummy neglected us all day - again."  
Dolly quilt and pillow for Miss S's Dolly
(I am still not making much of a dint into my stash)
Melly and Me Bats for Miss M and Master B.
 I will add Mr Dadddy: they did choose their fabrics, trace and cut out
the patterns and do some of the sewing.
There are no mouths on ours (Melly's have mouths and are soooo cute)
 The children just wanted to play with them - fine by me.
Oooh little bubba bats how sweet.

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