Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Coasters

I have been crocheting up a frenzy!  Everyone is getting crocheted treasures for Christmas this year, so be warned, Loved Ones.  My favourite thing at the moment are Hexagon Felted Coasters made out of the amazing Noro wool.   I played around with a few different shapes and designs but Attic 24's Hexagon pattern I think works the best.  This is a perfect project for the kind of crafter that I am -

1. You don't need to muck around changing wool colours as the Noro does it all for you.
2. Felting is really easy - just pop the finished hexagons into the washing machine on a hot wash.  3.The felting process covers a multitude of sins.
4. You can get 7 coasters per skien of wool or one big mat.

Look at those colours - sigh
Ohhhh so pretty

I had them all finished and laid out like this and thought how
 good they would look sewn together.
All sewn up
What do you think?
I want these all over the house now.


  1. Really beautiful! Love the soft but vibrant colours of the yarn you used.

  2. Bec they are really pretty. I love the softness of the felted effect and the way it makes the change of colours all fuzzy!