Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Relaxmas

We have been having such nice down time at our house.  Its has been really slow paced, quiet, stay at home kind of days, dotted with some festive activities.  Christmas was at our house this year, it was a smaller gathering than previous years.  My brother and his family have just moved back to the UK (and live in a house that my children swear must be in Harry Potters Privet Drive.)  My sister's husband was also overseas for work, so there was no Uncle M to organise back yard cricket.  There was however lots of good food, homemade gifts and kids running everywhere.

Santa brought Miss S this hammock, its her dream come true and very popular all round.
Its hung between the Mango tree and Bamboo, in its own little cool and shady micro climate.
We had a christmas Fairy handing out parcels
We had Baby Violet to cuddle - How beautiful is a sleeping baby xxx
Here she is swaddled in the Noro Shawl I made for her Mummy.
We have also been spending lots of time in the garden.  I am relocating a couple of veggie beds, in my never ending quest to steal some sun light from all the big trees.  I am also hoping that by having them up closer to the house I might be better at watering.

The new spot (pool side)

The Mango tree has been a major feature of these holidays.
Its ten years old now and finally big enough to climb.
If you look really hard you can see Master B popping his head out of the canopy.
I love coming across children's play,  look what I found hanging from the Mango tree.
I am not sure what this game is or who was playing but it looks pretty.
Oh and I also have my first apples growing, I am so excited.

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  1. Sounds like there is lots of fun being had at your place...I love the slowness of January!