Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ponti Knit Skirt

With all this relaxing going on, I have also been doing a bit of sewing.  I got this awesome printed Ponti Knit fabric from Sew Tessuti way back in November.  I ordered half a meter and have been planning to make a plain pencil skirt.
It's Italian and a bit funky.

I just love Sew Tessuti packaging, it makes you feel so warm and fuzzy to open your postal satchel to be greeted by this kind of customer service.

I was so keen to get stuck into it, that I didn't think at all about positioning the printed pattern.  I am not so fussed on the plain part of fabric that ended up at crouch level.  I am going to put it down as just one of those lessons that I learn about as I go.  Having said that....  this is my finished skirt I love it!   I have worn it a hundred times already.  

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