Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cyclone Oswald

Queensland has had some crazy weather in the last 10 days or so, with Cyclone Oswald lumbering down the East Coast.  We live in a bayside suburb of Brisbane that is usually well protected from bigger weather events but we did get some ferocious weather last weekend.    I know it is nothing compared to what many, many people experienced and our hearts go out to them.   We are very grateful that we had no serious damage but we did have our own bit of drama.  The couple of days of power cuts were also a wonderful lesson for my First World husband, children and me too if I'm honest.

We had enormous tree branches crashing down
on the roof which hit with with chilling sound effects.
Numerous trees were blown down blocking the street.  I must say
 how amazingly quick our local council were in
 coming with chain saws to clear the roads.  (Which made us feel much safer
knowing we could get out if we need to.
Being mindful of how often our family uses the local hospital!)
I know this doesn't look like much but
it is tree branches thicker than my legs
that crushed the back shed!

The day before the big storms we had a long over due visit to Ms S's house.  Ms S and her family have an amazing inner city garden.  (More of that and the virtous lives they lead in another post.)  
This is the pic I took on Saturday afternoon
This is Sunday afternoon pic ...
This is the garden the next day after less than an hours rain.   The banana grove (visible in the  top left hand corner of first pic) was wiped out.   I know on the scale of things all of this is really nothing and normality was very quickly returned, but its great  reminder to be mindful about how lucky we are and how quickly things can change. 

 I hope you were all ok and got out of the storms as luckily as we did.

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