Monday, February 18, 2013

Op Shopping

There is a new Op shop in our neck of the woods and its a good'n.  It's run out of a church hall one day a week by a lovely group of Older Girls in their 70's and 80's.   It is in a pretty affluent neck of the woods and judging by some of the fancy frocks on the rails, some pretty affluent people have been donating their old wares.

The only down side is there aren't many prices on things.  The Girls invite you to  "Suggest a price, what would you like to pay for it Dear?" Oohh I don't like that.  Obviously I would like to pay as little as possible but dont want to be (or be seen to be) ripping off a little charity shop run by little old ladies!  I have a suspicion that these lovely ladies may actually get a kick out of it and think of their pricing strategy as a kind of sport?

I found this fantastic finished tapestry,
there are so many things I could do with it, I am thinking cushion?
The ladies didn't know why I wanted it and because it was unframed,
they deemed it to be worth $3.  I paid $5 so I could live with myself.
I also found this fantastic vintage jacket with tails.
A certain hard to please Mr Daddy will be getting this for his birthday.
 The Girls deemed this to be worth  about $8
 so I paid $10, again so I could live with myself.  

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