Sunday, May 26, 2013

Savoury Cheese Biscuits

I have a lovely neighbour named Arlette.  (I actually have lots of lovely neighbours but this post is about Arlette.)  Arlette makes these delicious savoury cheese biscuits and they are just devine.   They are the perfect kind of biscuit that are great fresh or you can store in the freezer until you need to whip out something impressive.  Arlette made up a couple of batches for our Purple Day High Tea, and quite a few people asked after them, so with Arlette's permission here is the recipe...

Arlette's Cocktail Cheese Biscuits

250g Plain Flour
1 teaspoon salt
250g chopped cubed chilled butter (I dont have a food processor so I grated my butter.) Put the butter into the freezer while all other ingredients are prepared.
250g grated (approx. mix of cheddar 2/3 and parmesan 1/3)
baking paper
* additional flavours - see below

1. Heat oven to 180 degrees for a fan forced oven.
2. Put all ingredients into a food processor and mix until a dough forms.  Then pulse a little.  The less you handle the dough the better.  I dont have a food processor so I mixed all my ingredients in my mixer until it formed a dough, it took a bit longer but it seems to work.
3.  Take out and separate into two halves to make it easy to handle.
4.  Place two pieces of baking paper (approx. 20 cms long) on the bench and place half of the dough onto paper.
5.  Roll each piece into a cylinder on the baking paper and roll up in the paper so you have two wrapped logs, (again trying not to handle too much.)
6.  Let rest in the fridge until firm - at least 15 mins.  Line trays with baking paper and slice logs into biscuit size discs.  Place on tray and bake for 10 to 15 mins.

* add 1/2 teaspoon (or more) of chilli or cayenne pepper if you like a kick
* add fresh chopped herbs like thyme and Rosemary
* or anything else your heart desires and dont forget to let me know what combo you come up with

All ingredients mixed to form a dough.
(Best to use a K hook not the whisk like I did.)

I tried one log with cayenne pepper, one with freshly
 chopped rosemary and one with fresh thyme.
So hard not to devour straight off the
 tray but they are better once cooled.
Ta Da, my tasting crew unanimously agreed that the
Rosemary were the best but that was only
  because they had to choose.
Let me know how you go...

Footnote from Arlette - Please be careful not to overdose on these, Arlette did once and it took her 4 months before she could even look at one of these babies.

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  1. Oh yum. Love love love savoury biscuits. I'm pinning them now and will no doubt make them this weekend.