Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cath Kidston + Fossil = Bag

I have much admired anything Cath Kidston for a long time.   I regularly go to the web site and make up dream wish lists, but the shipping price to Australia is so horrendous that I never get further than a wishing.  I was recently luckily enough to acquire a few bits and pieces via my lovely cousins in London, and a book from my Aunt, thanks girls.

All my stars aligned when I was on Etsy recently and stumbled on some well prices CK fabrics.  This is the really simple messenger bag I made using one of the oil cloths.  The thing that makes this bag, I think , is the up-cycled strap.  It makes it look a whole lot less home made.  It's from an old Fossil bag, and has parrot clips so I can swap it between the two bags now.

Really simple, an envelope shape with some lining and velcro.

It really makes a great bag for scooting.


  1. 'Tis a very cool bag made from some very cool and gorgeous fabric. Gotta love Cath Kidston fabric.....love it!!

  2. Perfect. The oil cloth, the strap. That is one uber cool satchel.