Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dory Shawl With Bobble Fringe

Because I am so addicted to Dory shawls, I have made another one!  Its made out of my favourite Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton in a brilliant multicoloured skien, called Carnival Mix.  The exciting thing about this shawl is the bobble fringe.  I don't really know if I like the finished shawl but I am really glad that I did it and it is quite striking.

How pretty is this, the Carnival Mix Skien. 
It used up just over 2 skiens for this size, you can see
 I ran out and had to finish the border bobbles in pink.
 I love the pink and sort of wish I had done all the border
in pink now.
Click here for Dory Pattern link
Ta da, the bobbles, click here for awesome Bobble how to - tutorial.
I really like the pink.
It goes with everything, so many colours. Yes I think I do like it very much,
 I just need to step away from it a bit.


  1. Looks quite gypish to me :) love that it is cotton. Perhaps I could borrow it some time? ####

  2. Wow it must be good if it's got you thinking you might wear some crochet ;)