Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Arhh Help We've Got Bees!!!

Our house has been taken over by Bees!  For the last few days our  house wall - right by the front door has been covered by honey bees.  We have not invited them and I do not wish to keep Bees.  Although I do spend alot of time and energy creating a bee friendly garden I just want them to visit not live here.
I think this would look pretty good to a Bee.
A neighbor gave us the number of some friends who are Bee enthusiasts and bless them they have driven from miles away to come and help.  They said that these Bees maybe searcher Bees looking for somewhere for a new home or they may just be lost.  Yesterday they were coming in the brick weep holes to the ceiling space, we could hear them in the ceiling they were even popping into the lounge room via the down lights!  We taped the lights up and my new Best Bee Friend (BBF) smoked the ceiling with his smoke machine to get them out.  My BBF also put a small hive by the front wall to try and attract them away.  The plan is that if they go in the hive we can put the catch on and he can take them away.  Last night they all disappeared so didn't fall for the hive trick but we will try again tonight.
This is the little hive we are trying to lure them into.
Luckily they are friendly Bees and we have glass.
Get away from that weep hole.
We think they can't resist Mr Daddy's chalk flowers.

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