Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bags For Little Girls

I just love this bag design, it's been a favourite for years and I have made heaps as gifts.  When Miss M was 3 1/2  (5 1/2 years ago now) she was very taken by the celebs who carried around small dogs in pretty hand bags.  Miss M thought that was a very clever and sensible idea so commissioned me to make her one to carry around her beloved Tom Kitten teddy.
Little Miss M, can you see the bag on the crook of her arm.
Aside from the beautiful fabrics that can be used, the dimensions are so good for little hands, they can hold the bag open with one hand and load up with the other.   I don't have a pattern I just wing it a bit with the fabrics I have at hand.  Next time I make one I will trace out a pattern and see if I can post it here????
This is one of my favourite fabric combos.
The other little bag in this shot is a small gift bag not so good for little hands but great fabrics.

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  1. The strawberries and gingham are such a super sweet fabric combo, and the little bag is just adorable.