Thursday, June 14, 2012

Miss Molly Makes Dolly

Did you see this Dolly pattern in issue 14 of Molly Makes?  Well my children and I did and they all said "please Mum, please can you make us one, please we will help, oooh she is so cute."  They were right it is a seriously cute doll designed by Laura Hunter .  I thought it looked uncomplicated enough and really it is, I was just silly and tried to make three at the same time, with three children helping.

It started off ok they all choose their fabrics and cut out their pieces then left me to do the rest.  So the project dragged on a bit.  But they are done now and are infectiously cute.  I especially like Beau Bottomly the only chap in the trio.

Mr Bottomly still has a couple of pins holding him together where I need to hand stitch.

All in all my frustrations  aside I think they are great and so do the kids.


  1. Just too cute, I'll have to wait till that edition arrives at the news agents but I think I might start choosing fabrics those shoes and how dashing is Mr. Bottomley, hehe.....

    Claire :}

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  3. Wow these turned out wonderful! I've always wanted to try sewing a doll. Thank you for sharing :)