Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Zpagetti Crochet Matt

I have seen this Zpagetti around a bit in the blogosphere but was always too put off by the shipping price to actually buy any.   It is made from manufacturing off cuts and the finished craft projects look amazing.  When I did come across a bricks and mortar store that sold it, my crochet skills weren't quite good enough and it was still going to cost a bit just for what could be a craft disaster.  I decided last month that I was up for it, I had got my head around $30 odd and decided to have a play.   (I don't know why I was so worried about the $30 it was just a mental block and $9.00 was for the beautiful wooden hook anyway.)

This is the colours I finally chose.
The beautiful hook
There are free patterns online but my crochet skills don't
extend to pattern reading yet so I have been winging it.  
I am really having fun, it is coming together quickly
and is so much easier than I thought  it would be.
The only problem is I ran out of yarn about
6 doubles from  the end of  joining up my circle.
Not sure what to do!?!


  1. I like what you've done so far..three choices..get some more..yay! or be happy with what you've done..or undo and try something different.

    1. I think Iam going to mix and match with another colour, watch this space...

  2. Gorgeous! I have some of this stuff but haven't used it yet. Are you finding it hard to work with at all?

  3. Not at all, in fact for me I think its easier than normal wool to crochet with, in the same way that larger print is easier to read than smaller print??? Keep me posted when you have a go.