Thursday, September 27, 2012

Crochet Bag

I can't believe it, I have a new addiction!!! I have been trying so hard to contain all the crafty things I want to make/buy/do but then I went into Tangled Yarns.  I have been past the store quite few times and I have a few friends that have asked if I wanted to do a class but I have honestly never been interested.  Knitting sinks my boat really quickly and wool makes me sneeze but then I parked out the front of Tangled Yarns on my way around the corner to the Fabric Store.  Of course when I was that close I couldn't resist going into the store it was like stepping into PINTEREST!  So many beautiful yarns, lovely things and amazing crochet hooks.  I feel cheated that I never knew Clover Soft Touch Hooks existed.   Derrin helped me find cotton that wouldn't make me sneeze and look what I have been making ever since... I hope its going to be a bag.
I am still really dyslexic when it comes to reading a pattern which is a major frustration.

The bag bottom is following the amazing Attic 24 pattern for the crochet bag 
For the side I thought I was following the Attic 24 Granny Stripe
but mine looks really different??? 
Then I have just been winging it and seeing what I get.
I am also having a lot of fun.
Clover Hook I love you.  I really can hook away
 for ages without getting sore hands, just like Derrin said. 


  1. Very nice. I too love a clover hook. I have found them easier to use on my poor RSI'ed arms. Nice colours.

  2. So pretty, I love the colours you've chosen. I wish there was someone around here who could teach me how to crochet properly. I can only do a few basic stitches.

  3. This looks lovely! The colours are gorgeous too!