Monday, September 17, 2012

Fancy That

Its a late spring for us this year, beautifully warm through the days but still cool in the evenings.  Which is good cause I am late with my spring plantings and now have time to catch up.  The garden has been a low priority over the last few months and I hadn't realised how much growth has been going on.  I looked back at some pics from late August and was very surprised to see the difference.  Fancy that, sorry for taking you for granted garden.

I love the wild cottage garden look.
 I also found a few signs that Master B has been having lots of fun and games.  I think this looks like
       the kind of place a troll would like to lurk about too.

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  1. Forget the local supermarket, what I love about having your own veggie patch is the convenience of picking fruit and veg as you need it. Love the look of yours xo