Monday, October 8, 2012

Decorating with Experiments

 My children love discovering things, they love science and like all children they have inquisitive minds.  I do think this is a good thing and Mr Daddy and I do like to nurture this in them, however... I am feeling a little bit fed up with all the experiments that are underway at the moment.   I feel like every where I turn there is something a bit gross, probably not hygienic and possibly going to end with the house being burnt down.
This is Miss S's Chicken Bones in Vinegar Project.  Can she turn the bones into jelly by having the vinegar suck out all the calcium?  It is very interesting but its really gross to have to look at festering chicken bones every time I stand at the kitchen sink. 
This is Miss M's chemistry project, I am not sure what it is but I know she was in full safety gear when she was  preparing and I'm not sure it should be so close to the dining table.
The lounge has served as a Silkworm farm but thank goodness  they have finally cocooned up and can be reduced down to one small box. 
My hutch has become a science table displaying a wasp nest, dead butterfly and  the shed skins of numerous creatures.
But the scariest of all was the strange light I could see coming out of the rarely used bathroom where I found this elaborate/dangerous set up...
It turns out Miss M was trying to dehydrate an apple!


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  1. It looks like there's a veritable science lab at your place LOL! It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't spread out all over the house maybe. I can remember mr m having a sheep skull collection under his bed and other assorted science adventures at home as well. You've got to love a kid's imagination and curiosity.