Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vintage Rag Rugs

We recently went to our local museum.  It's my favourite type of museum, crammed full of vintage bits and bobs, obscure donated collections and rooms set up as life in the "olden days" would have been.  It's run by volunteers who clearly have their own pet projects and friends who are pretty tricky with a calligraphy pen who can do the labels.  (None of that high art business of a huge room filled with three items behind glass cabinets with graphically designed info boards.)

Look at this for Rag rugging....

How fantastic are these chair covers?
How much so these guys own frugality with their
table made from reclaimed and found materials?
What a Rug!!!

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  1. It's amazing what good things can be made out of practically nothing..moneywise! The chair covers are fabulous..and the table.