Monday, October 29, 2012

Fabric Book by Kindy Kids

Our super and amazing Kindy teacher recently got married which was very exciting for the kindy kids.  While she was on her honeymoon Mrs B our clever Teaching Assistant got all the kids to decorate a calico square.  They the squares came home to our house to be sucked into the vortex  sewn together.  Our Teacher is very much the naturalist who loves craft, calico and all things without a commercial touch, by her own admission, pretty much had an Etsy Wedding.

How beautiful is this, there were 26 beautiful squares of some of the
funniest things.  Lots of girls did bride pictures, my son did a dinosaur.

Hope this gives an idea of how its constructed.
The front cover - I stitched "Miss A Gets Married by ....."
I also used my last scrap of this awesome liberty field print fabric.
A project very worthy of my liberty scrap.

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  1. The liberty was perfect for putting all of these wonderful drawings together..I think she'll love it forever!