Monday, September 2, 2013

A Furry Visitor

How cool is this, stepping out on to the back veranda and seeing a gorgeous Koala resting by the budgies.
Just at the top of the tree where the sun is coming
through the leaves, can you see him?
There he is just hanging out in the Lilly Pilly branches.

This is very rare to see a Koala actually in our garden.   Its probably not a good thing, and possibly means that their habitat is becoming so reduced that they are forced to hang out at our place.  Or he was just lost.  Koalas move through their territories via very specific pathways, our house has never been the pathway before. (It was always the house two doors up, their garden is the koala super highway.)

He was very relaxed and in fantastic health, with really clean eyes and bum.  He was not bothered by us and didn't mind us taking photos.   We had to fight hard against our instinct not to pat him - not cool to pat a koala.   He stayed for a while then crossed the garden, squeezed through the fencing and tottered off into the bush - very special indeed.


  1. Oh my goodness....that is just so cool!! What a delight to see one of our cutest native animals right smack in your backyard!!

  2. That is amazing. despite was overseas people think, we dont all have them in our backyards haha. I would be thrilled to see one too!

  3. Whoa! That is so cool!!!
    Well cool as long as he doesn't decide to bellow mating calls all night ;)