Monday, September 9, 2013

Monster Robe Tidy Up

I had a great day on Sunday, I tidied up my wardrobe!  I have been avoiding doing this for years.  I didn't set out to take on this monster project it just sort of happened.  But I was thorough, ruthless and there was a label maker involved.

You know how you hear those tips - "If you bring something in, two things must go out" or "If you haven't worn it in 3 months get rid of it."  Or that fancy trick swapping hangers different ways around every time you wear it.... I sort of did a mix of all of these tips and it worked.  One large garbage bag to the Opp shop, one bag for a friend and one for the rag bag.

I share half of this robe with Mr Daddy.  
The ladder is in his half and goes up to his attic man cave. 
Even the Smalls Draws got a make over, these have been driving me mad for years.
I have dreamt of labelling each draw but thought my husband might have me sectioned.
Should I be a bit embarrassed at how much difference this makes to my life?


  1. Mmmm.....the man attic cave sounds fascinating!! Well done on the 'purging' of your wardrobe!! It looks ever so functional and may I say...tidy!!