Monday, October 7, 2013

A Skirt For Hospital

I love school holidays, by the end of each term I think I am hanging out for them more than the children.  We have had a nice quiet break that seems to have lasted for ages.  We have had some play dates, caught up with the greatest of friends and Miss S had a short trip into hospital to have her Tonsils and Adenoids removed.

Miss S told me the night before she didn't have anything to wear to hospital and that I had to make her something.  This is just the kind of challenge I love.  With a dead line that close and the happiness of a child hanging over me, I flew into action.   This is the skirt I made for her and I got so excited and inspired I made a second skirt too.  

These are the fabrics I bought back in June, I was struggling to find
the right project for them but this skirt is perfect.
 I use the same pattern/technique as the 1/2 Maxi Skirt - just on a smaller scale.
See this is why I have to hoard fabrics, ribbons and ric rac....
Here is Miss S, chillin' in the Starlight Room before the big chop-o.
This is the second skirt, its much plainer but still really cute.
 Her Op went very well, she was a bit shocked by the pain she was in afterwards and has made a slow but steady recovery.  (Whilst enjoying alot of ice cream.)


  1. Perfectly justifiable reason for the hoarding of all those pretties!! I love that skirt!! Your daughter would've looked rather spiffy entering the hospital in her pretty skirt. Nothing like ice cream to soothe the throat after a tonsilitis op!!

  2. Great skirts - nothing like a good deadline with a threat of misery to inspire fantastic sewing.