Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Bargain Maker Pencil Skirt

Mr Daddy and I recently went to Sydney - child free (I know, how awesome is that!)  While we were there we did much sight seeing and of course shopping.  We found a Trenery store, it's the mature older sibling of Country Road (because we are mature now.)   It is also more like the Country Road of the 90's, classic well cut pieces that aren't too trend dependant so you can wear them for more than one season, Wow what a concept.

I don't buy many clothes these days because A. I make quite a few things and B. I hate paying retail prices and hate being held to "what's on trend."   I did how ever love this spotty skirt in Trenery but at $120 of course I was muttering I could make that for a fraction of the price.   Mr Daddy was in a retail frenzy and said to just get it!  So I did!

The best thing is I got home, traced the pattern and made another one out of some Amy Butler I had in the stash pile.  So I figure that I now have two skirts for $120,  or $60 each that feels much better doesn't it.

Home Made Amy Butler skirt
Gorgeous Trenery Spotty Linen
I will call this skirt the Bargain Maker


  1. Great idea! That would definitely make me feel better about the purchase too.

  2. Wow, you have done well, very well indeed!! Love your Gorgeous Trenery Spotty Linen skirt!!