Monday, October 7, 2013

Sully Monster Cake

Now my sister, Aunty L is quite the amazing cake maker.  Her Medium of choice is marzipan, and of course it is homemade.   Her first cake was the Woman's Day Echidna Cake, which she made her own with the addition of little baby echidnas. Everything is cuter with baby echindas.

The next year she just blew us away with the Organic Veggie Patch Cake.  With the left over marzipan she made this Magical Garden Cake for another family function, Wow, I know.
Magic Garden Cake of 2011
This year she asked her Mr Turning 5 what kind of cake he would like,  he wanted a monster cake and promptly whipped up this design to help her.

 This is the cake,  how cool is this Sully inspired Monster Cake...

Of course there was a matching costume for the birthday boy.  
Needless to say the cake was much admired and very yummy.